Fabrics we deal in are used for making several types of clothing. These are suited for carpeting, furnishings, window shades, upholstered, towels, tables, beds, coverings and others.  These have accessibility in several colors and have alluring designs.
Non Woven Fusible
Non-Woven Fusible Fabrics can be used as the advanced raw material for sewing process. They can be added to the cuffs as well as collar of shirts. They are used in the notable market segments and are utilized to produce interlinings, waddings, protective clothing, shoe linings, garment linings, and synthetic leather fabrics.
Sewing Machine Oil
The Sewing Machine Oils we deal in can reduce the friction between the machine's parts. These are accessible with good functionality and allow for advanced operation. Utilization of the oil enables the machine to run quietly and smoothly.
Blouse Pieces
Blouse Pieces are the unstitched fabrics, used to make blouses paired with blouse. They are accessible in different colors and patterns. These pieces are of great use and enable utility in several sectors. 
Woven Elastic
The Woven Elastic are the super strong fabrics of good stretch. These can be easily sewn that without weakening. They can be used for mid- to heavy-weight fabrics. These elastics can be used for several types of garments, such as outerwear, home decor, bags and others. 
Saree Fall
Saree Fall we deal in can provide weight and strength to the saree. These allow for easier pleating and provide a graceful appearance to the wearers.  Plus, these are effective in their primal use. 
Pocketings are the pocket linings, added to one's pocket. These are used for denim, trousers and skirts. They can be added to all outfits, having pocket so as to give them base and strength.
Blouse Cups
Blouse cups we offer are utilized to even out the shape of several ill-fitting garments. These are worn as the shape wears of extreme utility. These are added in blouses specially the embroidered ones. These are apt for deep neck tops as well as blouses.
Curtain Tape
Curtain tapes are also known as the drapery tapes, which are utilized to hold the top pleat of drapes and curtains. These are special types of tape which can make the attractive border and allow for suited operation in several surrounds. 
Belt Rolls
The Belt Rolls we offer are highly demanded in the clothing industry for the adding the belting to outfits of waists. Plus, these are proffered with good utility and functional ease. 
Trouser Hooks
The Trouser Hooks we deal in are proffered with advanced utility and provide advanced functionality to the wearers. Moreover, these hooks have extended service life and simple attachment. 

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